As it turns out, the secret ingredient does help.

Here’s the sugar paste recipe I’m using now:

2 cups sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/8 cup water (less to evaporate out = shorter cook time)
1 tsp guar gum

Works like a charm!   I ordered the guar gum off of Amazon and I add it right at the end before pouring the paste into containers for storage.  The resulting paste (I cooked it to hard ball stage – 260F) needed to be warmed up in the microwave a little (10-20 seconds) before use.  This of course depends on the temperature where you live, but for me, at room temperature it was too stiff – although it still works, it’s tiring and slow to apply.  I think my next experiment will be to cook it less – maybe to 258F or 259F – and see if that eliminates the need for extra microwaving.

Another thing I’d love to do is get a copy of the book Sarah mentioned in the comments of the last post (Milady’s Hair Removal Techniques) and try gum arabic instead of guar gum.  I suspect they have similar properties.

Any other success stories?